Cooking Courses in Bangkok, How to Pick the Best One

Would you prefer cookery school or move straight to tasting? Your culinary skills deserve to be as diverse as possible. Whether you want to start a small Thai food joint in your city or you just want to make your family happy.

You will undoubtedly benefit from a cooking course next time you visit Bangkok. Here are some of the cooking schools near Lancaster Bangkok Hotel where you can take your cooking course.


Bangkok Thai Cooking Academy.

For guaranteed perfection in Thai food cooking, Bangkok Thai Cooking Academy is your place to be. You get to enjoy beginner classes, vegetarian classes, professional chef classes, and even private classes.

 They make cooking so fun and authentic that your kitchen confidence escalates on your first day. The courses include a variety of dishes that you can learn at your available speed. Additionally, they charge a fair fee for the course, so your pocket is safe.

Learn how to juggle with Thai ingredients to bring out delicious meals by doing it practically with professional guidance. Join the Academy’s program and surprise everyone at how good a chef you can be.

Recipes learned at the academy include;- Curry paste, Curry paste with chicken or pork, Soup & salad, appetizer, Rice & noodles, Stir fry, and Complimentary dessert.

pad-thai-4705276_1920 (2)

Culineur School Of Culinary Arts And Entrepreneurship.

If you have an entrepreneurial mind and you are planning on starting a Thai food restaurant, join Culineur, School of Culinary Arts and Entrepreneurship. Get professional chef training on making numerous Thai cuisine. Learn how to use natural ingredients to make food tasty and aromatic.

Chefs demonstrate to you how to cook your choice dishes before you are let loose to try. Positive criticism makes you a perfect cook in a week. Moreover, you get educated on table presentation. This school has all your interests at hand, enrol for the fun learning experience.

Silom Thai Cooking School.


If you love Thai delicacies and you just can’t wait to cook them yourself, enrol for a short course in Silom Thai Cooking School. Their cooking tutors are friendly and professional, and they make all the recipes seem so simple.

You get an epic experience with Thai cuisine, ingredients, and cooking experience in a class or two. A trip to the market assures you adequate knowledge of their ingredients, and you can taste their cooking on your way. This school is so worth your time next time you are in Lancaster.


Cooking is fun, but if you’d prefer to skip cookery school and move straight to tasting, then the Lancaster Bangkok Restaurant Asoke prepares local traditional Thai food daily. Consider paying the restaurant a visit next time you visit Bangkok.

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