Historic Meetings and Agreements: The Treaty of Versailles

Dignitaries from across Europe packed into Versaille Palace, on the Parisian outskirts, to sign the Versaille Treaty on the 28th June 1919 – formally ending the First World War. None of the nations that signed the treaty liked it, even though it came after a peace summit that had lasted for more than a year. This article will explore the background to the Versaille Treaty, and why it is one of the most despised agreements in history.

Cooking Courses in Bangkok, How to Pick the Best One

Would you prefer cookery school or move straight to tasting? Your culinary skills deserve to be as diverse as possible. Whether you want to start a small Thai food joint in your city or you just want to make your family happy. You will undoubtedly benefit from a cooking course next time you visit Bangkok….

The Main Differences Between a Lounge bar and an American Bar

One of those “similar” differences between the United Kingdom and the USA is that the UK has pubs and the US has bars – generally speaking. Despite their differences and similarities, they both play a huge part in the culture of both countries. Of course, the types aren’t restricted to either country, you’ll find plenty…